Yele Solma - Bokor

by Yele Solma

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Piotr Wielebski
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Piotr Wielebski Discovered while discusing with a guy from Antiq at the Fall Of Summer 2017 (i also discovered the band of the guy himself which is called Grylle).
It's ambiant and traditionnal music from Burkina Faso but with a screaming and growling chant that links it to my usual musical style.
As the guy said to me, this album can be seen as a sountrack for the Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness novel. I find it's a perfect description for this piece of mysterious and magical (Bokor is the name adorned by the sorcerers in Burkina Faso) intensity. Despite the absence of drums or electric guitars, i feel the same emotions than with a more conventionnal black metal album. Something refreshing for everybody who is curious and wants to enlarge his horizon Favorite track: Tiimé A'tchika Rogo Saoga - Danse de l'impénétrable Fétiche waké.


released July 4, 2016

Lazareth, G&J Ouélé


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